Seven Steps to Stimulate Radio Growth

Is it possible to charge your advertising clients more and still save them money? Absolutely! In a few steps you can raise your rates and provide more leads per client dollar. It starts with:

Personnel – you've got to have the team to get results. Some people are better face-to-face sellers, some are better on-air entertainers, and some are better staring out the window concocting a listenable, compelling, emotionally driven story for an ad that gets results for each client.

Time – Traditionally radio has been a fast turn-around vehicle. Flip that script, give your creative team days to consider script ideas, to locate the proper voice actor, to secure the proper music and effects. You'll get ads that people talk about, you can brag about, and your clients renew.

Confidence – Your sellers must recognize effective ads, then have the permission and fortitude to say something like “in my experience that ad will not get you the results you are looking for, and we won't run it. Yes, we want your business, but only if it helps both of us succeed. That ad won't, and here's why.”

Unusuality – If it sounds like a traditional ad, it is limited to traditional results. Do something different. Don't cut and paste from another market, and remember: cliches kill all listening momentum. If the ad isn't heard, it won't get results.

Breaking “Rules” - Its important to note that the client does not have to like the commercial. Your client may be uncomfortable going outside what is viewed as a traditional radio ad. But if everyone is doing the traditional ad, what makes their ad stand apart? They don't have to like it; when they trust your team, they will embrace the results (and renew).

The Right Voices – Success comes from variety. Use the same voices for commercials that the station uses for entertainment and it dilutes the influence of both. Hire a team of voice actors (like Voice Creative) for your local spots so your air-personalities remain entertainers, not sellers.

Growing your budget – Yep, it all takes money, but with the proper time, space and confidence, your team is more effective. So the station can charge more and return a greater number of leads per dollar than right now. Plus you'll get clients who brag about your team and their radio results.

Your clients are the experts at their business, the station AE's and creative team are the experts in radio and advertising. Use your power of “no” and guide your clients to radio advertising success, and you'll also build the station's long term growth.