Writing Copy? Start with this...

You should not give the client what they want, you should give them what they need.

They need a focused commercial that will deliver results. They do not need an ego trip stuffed with sale items, their Facebook page, phone number and address, or pretend discounts. They need a relatable commercial focused on a single thought/item. And separate commercials for each additional thought or item.

Yes, a relatable commercial. The commercial MUST give the listener a reason to care about the advertiser. The commercial must convince the listener that the advertiser is the right fit for them, that the listener will get real value. And once that is done, show them how to get that value. That does not mean spouting street address, URL, or any of the typical "call to action" nonsense. When you make the emotional, relatable, value connection with the commercial, you will have motivated the listener to find the advertiser.

I realize this can be a hard sell to many clients, but they are the pros at their business, and it is our purpose to bring them customers. The station is supposed to have the advertising specialists to do exactly that.