Toward Superior Copy, and Outrageous Results

Messenger Killed. Again

A while back "Inside Radio" (10/11/2012) quoted ZipCar CEO Scott Griffith on why they stopped advertising on the radio: “We did see a lift in awareness — we measured it before and after — but that didn’t convert into membership.” Wait, what? You dropped radio ‘cause it worked like it was supposed to? Obviously the creative was effective, ZipCar admits it saw a lift in awareness. All advertising can ever do is raise awareness, advertising cannot turn listeners into your clients, that is up to the business.

Your Station as a Ceiling Fan

My daughter and I were having a pillow fight in her bedroom. We got carried away and thwack! A pillow whacks the ceiling fan. Cuh-thunk cuh-thunk cuh-thunk. Now the ceiling fan, a four blade, has one twisted and bent. Here’s the thing: no matter how hard you try, you can’t get it back in balance.