Toward Superior Copy, and Outrageous Results

Worth the Risk?

"No Budget" is an excuse. Humans don't like hurting other peoples feelings. Would it be easier if they came out and said "I don't think you can help me"? Sure. But you can get past the "No Budget" objection.
First: remember a budget is only a guideline of expected expenses versus expected revenues, as assigned to specific item categories (electric, salary, advertising, postage, insurance etc). While it is a document written with sweat and toil, it is not a document written in blood. A budget is living, breathing, and most important: flexible. So…

Messenger Killed. Again

A while back "Inside Radio" (10/11/2012) quoted ZipCar CEO Scott Griffith on why they stopped advertising on the radio: “We did see a lift in awareness — we measured it before and after — but that didn’t convert into membership.” Wait, what? You dropped radio ‘cause it worked like it was supposed to? Obviously the creative was effective, ZipCar admits it saw a lift in awareness. All advertising can ever do is raise awareness, advertising cannot turn listeners into your clients, that is up to the business.

Your Station as a Ceiling Fan

My daughter and I were having a pillow fight in her bedroom. We got carried away and thwack! A pillow whacks the ceiling fan. Cuh-thunk cuh-thunk cuh-thunk. Now the ceiling fan, a four blade, has one twisted and bent. Here’s the thing: no matter how hard you try, you can’t get it back in balance.