Brown, Bradshaw and Moffat
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Heartfelt read, transitions to serious and dedicated.

How do you know? I mean no one plans to need a criminal lawyer? But if you’re accused, you need to know where to turn for a law team with the experience to handle your case. It takes more than a couple weeks in the library looking through textbooks. Experience matters, we’re talkin’ years of your life. You want a team of lawyers dedicated to the highest level of legal service. You want a law team that knows the unique ins and outs of the Utah Criminal Code. You want a team of lawyers with more than one hundred years of combined experience. You want a team that wins. You want Utah’s criminal defense team: Brown, Bradshaw and Moffat - ‘cause experience matters. Check their record online at Brown Bradshaw dot com, you can even have a free case evaluation. Criminal matters, civil matters, what matters is experience – Brown, Bradshaw and Moffat, dedicated to providing aggressive and professional defense for all citizens and entities. Call 801-532-Laws. 801-532-L A W S, or click to Brown Bradshaw dot com.