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Our specialty is moving your potential customers to action - to visit you online and in your store, but there are hundreds of companies and individual producers voicing and producing outstanding station imaging. For our recommendations, contact us.

Create an account, then simply fill out and submit the appropriate request form. If we have your request by 2 PM local time any business day, you'll have the creative before 4 PM local time the next business day (unless we have questions).

Bring on the entire Voice Creative team for about the same cost of hiring a single employee. That's real value - multiple voice actors, professional copywriters and producers! But if you are only looking to cut costs, Voice Creative may not be for you, we work exclusively with companies that understand "price" is not the same thing as "value".

Of course not. Our product is buy-out. You will not get billed every 13 weeks, you will not pay more to use Voice Creative in your online station stream. You use the copy, commercials and voice-overs as long as you'd like, wherever you'd like in your station's DMA.

That is an available option. But commercials produced for advertising agencies, select TV and cable stations, and direct clients are exempt and may run in your market. Our work may also appear on client Internet streams from time to time.

We are always ready to work with outstanding talent that are motivated to results. More than just advertising, do you have a passion to have connect through emotion and relatability? Can you convince with the written or spoken word? Can you represent those with that passion? Then we'd love to hear from you. Start the application process by creating an account. You will be able to upload a demo or writing sample during the registration process.

Once we have written copy, it is sent to the account executive to share with the client for an accuracy check. Any errors will be corrected here. We'll also ask for pronunciation on local words (town names, people, etc) to make sure the commercial is correct when recorded. If there is an error, we will correct it as soon as possible. And if the error is our fault, there's no charge to make it right.

Of course. Just click Pay Invoice. We accept major credit cards and checks through PayPal.com, and direct payments with PayMode. You may also make payment through PayPal to the email VoiceCreative @ VoiceCreative.com (without the spaces around the @). You do not need a PayPal account to pay Voice Creative with PayPal.

It is our privilege to 'speak' for our clients, and the logo demonstrates that in a way that shows we like to have a bit o' fun, too.

Absolutely. We custom tailor our creative for every client, our demonstrations are no exception. To take advantage of our discounted demo commercial create an account, fill out and submit the appropriate request form (copy/production) located on your account page, and then make a discounted payment through our PayPal link. Once you have the work, it's yours to use as you'd like. Should it not meet your expectations, let us know and we'll make it right or donate our fee in your name to the charity of your choice. If we have your request and payment by 2 PM local time, it will be returned to you the next business day by 4 PM local time (if we do not have any questions).