Some questions asked, and answered, below. If you don’t find the question and answer you’re looking for, you may ask it, below, or Contact Us.

Our daily practice is: Request in by 2:00 PM (client time) the work is returned by the end of the next business day, unless specified otherwise. This applies to copy, voice and production requests. Need it faster? Let us know and we'll do all we can. This policy applies to the continental US and Canada. Contact Us for other deadlines.

Once we have written copy it is sent to the account executive to share with the client for an accuracy check. Any errors will be corrected here. We'll also ask for pronunciation on local words (town names, people, etc) to make sure the commercial is correct when recorded. If there is an error, we will correct it as soon as possible. And if the error is our fault, there's no charge to make it right.

That is the intention. But commercials produced for advertising agencies, TV, cable stations, the Internet and direct clients are exempt and may run in your area.

Of course not. Our product is buy-out. You will NOT get billed every 13 weeks, you will NOT pay more to use Voice Creative in your online station stream. You use the copy, commercials and voice-overs as long as you'd like, wherever you'd like in your area. (But when you submit our work for awards, you must let us know).

Our specialty is moving your potential customers to action - to visit you online and in your store. There are hundreds of companies and individual producers voicing and producing outstanding station imaging; for our recommendations, Contact Us.