Our Pledge of Service

Voice Creative provides relatable copy, voice over, and commercials that “sell” for each client.
We combine real life experience with your business strategy to grow your success.

Stand Out. Be Heard. Be Exceptional. Voice Creative.

Empty promises, lousy service, weasel clauses and crooks abound. You will never find any of that with Voice Creative. We are exhausted by the "pass the buck" mentality. So it stops, here. Therefore:

  1. We are our word. We will do what we say we’ll do, without exception.
  2. We endeavor to treat everyone with the respect they are due.
  3. We remain curious. We ask questions, observe, listen. Not only to our clients, but to the world so that we may write relatable copy and deliver believable and actionable commercials.
  4. We intend to be your resource, so we work to share information, ideas and processes.
  5. You will know we appreciate your business and referrals. Our goal is quality work delivered at the speed of life. We will accept nothing less.

If you ever believe we are not living up to our Pledge of Service, please let us know and we will make it right, or donate our fee in your name to the charity of your choice.