Stand Out

In a field of endless sameness the relatable idea with an emotional undertone catches our attention - You react to it. But it takes courage to Stand Out, to do things different. At Voice Creative, we're not going to yell, or cajole, or even mention a phone number; we're going to relate and impress for renewed and continued success.

Our philosophy is a commercial or campaign that reaches your target audience so they do more than hear it, they actually listen; allowing that audience to retain and promote a favorable opinion of you and your product, building awareness among even those not directly exposed to the advertising. Why? Learning about a product or service from a trusted friend carries far more impact than an advertisement; and that friend to friend word of mouth starts with relatable advertising, easily understood..

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From Our Clients:
"You just made my job 200% easier. These scripts are creative and effective! Count on me sending you every client I get that needs copy!" Tisa, Account Executive, Norfolk, Virginia

"Sold this client today 52 weeks! Guess which commercial done at the last minute by my creative genius won him... Thanks a ton!" Rick, Account Executive, Montreal, Quebec

"Thank you! This one is brilliant and it closed the deal for me! LOVE IT! (via RSC) Brenda, Account Executive, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin