"Voice Creative has been our 'go-to' voice talent source for more than 5 years. The selection and professional sound of the narrators is excellent, and they are always open to feedback and direction. We try to plan ahead so that there is plenty of time to get our recordings done, but on the occasion when we need a very fast turn-around, they've always found a way to help us out. Voice Creative has been a valuable partner in creating dozens of our video marketing projects."

-- Whitney Hahn, Digital Bard

"Working with Neil and the team at Voice Creative is always a pleasure. They're fun to work with and have a variety of voices and deliveries, so I'm able to make my clients happy and get results from their campaigns. They're also always willing to make adjustments if needed, which doesn't happen very often, but when a client is being persnickety, Neil and the team are happy to help. In a nutshell, Voice Creative knows how to make the finest ear candy."

-- LT Tomlin, Learfield

"Voice Creative is an incredible service that is always wonderful to work with. I’m amazed by the quality of the product VC puts out, and I look forward to working with Neil again. If you need a top tier commercial done for a very reasonable price, Neil is your man."

-- Austin Lee Matthews

Regarding "To the Bone - Gavin English Book 1"
"The narrator, Neil Holmes, sounds just like I would expect Gavin English to sound. And his many other voices enhanced this bloddy (sic), gorey (sic) mystery perfectly. Gavin, coffee consuming, cigarette and alcohol abusing private eye. A man to dislike, yet he is a man to admire. Smart. Intuitive. Brave. Principled. Wreckless. (sic) And even funny. Love digging in to his mysteries with him!" (Audible Review)

-- Becky (Audible Review)

Neil Holmes gave another great performance. I love his range of voices, from little girl to gruff grandma to questionable security guard to impatient troll – he has a different voice for them all. His female voices were feminine and his little kid voices were well done. I loved all his emotion too, especially for the scared surfers. (Review on Audible or on Dab of Darkness)

-- Susan Voss (Dab of Darkness)

From Our Inbox

[The Client is] incredibly excited and pleased with the performance. Thank you again for your great efforts. Look forward to many more projects to come!

Kelly Lytle, Findaway Voices

Just wanted to tell you how amazing your creative team is doing. Thank you for always producing great commercials.

Brenda Corona, Santa Maria

I fell on the floor and had to get up and do a happy dance! This (spot) is unbelievable. It is approved and will start running today! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!

Amy Brown, Abeline

This is one of the best spot I've ever heard. They loved it, you make a sale easy. Thanks!

Brig Sampson, Knoxville

You do great work for us and we appreciate it. Thanks for the quick turnaround and the creativity you put into your scripts.

Tysen Webb, Salt Lake City

You guys have a great talent pool.

Todd Atchison, Louisville

This is perfect, exactly what I need.

George Buehler, Louisville

I use the (Voice Creative) site as a starting point, I make the request and then I tweak whatever you send me. It's a great service.

William Fénelon, Montreal

Happy Friday. The voiceover is great. Let's get you paid!

Anastasiya Fielden, The Oregon Clinic