Benefits of a Partnership with Voice Creative

Voice Creative provides relatable copy, voice over, and commercials that “sell” for each client.
We combine real life experience with your business strategy to grow your success.

Stand Out. Be Heard. Be Exceptional. Voice Creative.

Custom Copywriting Service: Commercials written from your thoughts and notes so you get copy that works for your business. (Note: we do not cut and paste your client’s name in to someone else’s copy).

Multiple Voice Actors: Male, Female and Child voices allow first person spots and voice variety to help your commercials stand out and deliver results. It's like adding the "Superfriends" of voice talent - without having to pay overtime, vacation costs, health and workers comp insurance … (Note: Adding Voice Creative talent also helps separate the voices you are currently using, giving them more influence, too.)

Award Winning Production: Just approve and go. Spots can come complete, as copy, or as voice tracks - your choice.

Ideas and Consulting: Stuck for a creative way to move listeners? Contact Voice Creative and we’ll kick around some ideas.

Air Talent Development: The PD is occupied? We can help develop your talent and improve your on-air sound.

Here’s Radio's Money Makin’ Value …

…for the Station(s): Greater TSL through listenable commercials. And as the audience grows, so can your rates. Plus Voice Creative spots move listeners to action, making clients happy. Clients renew, making Account Executives happy. AE’s bring in more money, making managers happy. Will you be able to handle so much happiness and prosperity?

…for the Sales Manager: With easier renewals comes more time for your salespeople to prospect, develop relationships, control market buys, and maybe even finish some paperwork.

…for the Sales Staff: Finally, voices to do first person spots. And if you leave the copywriting to us, you have more time for selling, for proposals, for the client. You're able to track your creative from start to finish online,through email and smart phone. Plus with the addition of multiple male, female and child voice actors, every spot on the air makes a greater impression, meaning better results for the client; larger commission checks and easier renewals for you.

…for the Program Director: Increased TSL. Your air staff will have more time for show prep, they won’t have to do first person commercials, and the additional voices in the stop sets help keep your listeners tuned in. We can even help ease your time crunch with air talent critiques.

…for the Production/Creative Director: Time and Space. With Voice Creative you get more time for your commercials and imaging. You deal with only one person for additional male, female and child voice actors. We work from our studio, so you have more time in yours. Then you get spots as you want them: as copy, voice tracks, or complete - ready to approve, dub and air. (And with some systems, we can even do the dubbing to air. Yeah, really.)

…for the Air Staff: More time for show prep and remotes. And with additional voices, listeners are more likely to stay through the stop set, tuned in to your show. We can even help you develop on-air. Sweet.

…for the Office Staff: The only downside of Voice Creative. The office staff will have more commercials to schedule, more invoices to send out, more checks to process. Sorry.