How to Target Ads

How to Target Ads Traditional ads and social media are a scattershot approach to advertising. Pay per click means new clients have to be actively searching. But, when you bring these methods together, buckle up. The traditional model of narrowing your target audience for marketing, advertising, and branding is to use the format of the … Read more

Making Bad Email Good

Making Bad Email Good In the last two weeks I have received 513 unsolicited emails. 513 in 2 weeks. That’s almost 37 unsolicited emails a day. I know ’cause I just cleaned out my spam filter. Of those 513 unsolicited emails, I saw (as in observed the subject line) about 3 a day, or 42 … Read more

Overcoming the White Page

Overcoming the White Page The white page. A blank screen and flashing cursor. A slam upside the head sometimes seems like the best way to get the copy started. But a concussion (not recommended) only goes so far. Get Real Why is getting real important? Because we have to talk with (not ‘too’ but ‘with’) … Read more

Motivation – In a Few Words

Motivation – In a Few Words Just a quote that moves me today. I hope you’ll let it rattle you, inspire you, motivate you. From Carlos Azcoitia when he was Principal at the John Spry Community School in Chicago. “We can’t be cautious and extraordinary at the same time.”

Selling Ice to an Eskimo

Selling Ice to an Eskimo A friend of mine, a terrific seller, told me he could sell ice to an Eskimo. All I thought was “Why would you want to sell ice to an Eskimo?” Then I thought, maybe the ice was from special and pristine waters, or maybe there was a unique bubble pattern, … Read more

Are You Asking Relatable Questions

Are You Asking Relatable Questions I have an addiction. That’s the first step toward healing, right, admit you have an addiction? I have an addiction. It was made plain a couple of days ago when my router died. I am addicted to the Internet. Information, my email, language lessons, browsing any topic, any time. Turns … Read more

Seven Steps to Stimulate Ad Growth

Seven Steps to Stimulate Ad Growth Is it possible to charge your advertising clients more and still save them money? Absolutely! In a few steps, you can raise your rates and provide more leads per client dollar. It starts with: Personnel – you’ve got to have the team to get results. Some people are better … Read more

Keep It Short

Keep It Short The Fewer the Better. Keep It Short. Writing to pass information, convince someone to do something, tell a story? Whatever the reason you’re writing, keep it simple. In short: Focus. Focus Focus on just one idea, one goal per social media post, web page, commercial script, etc. The Fewer the Better. Keep … Read more

You are Not your Customer

You are Not your Customer Are you a Trucker? A Dentist? An Ad Pro? Why pay someone else to create your advertising? The most obvious reason is you have your business to run. The most important reason, though, is you are not your customer. Whoa, a powerful truth: You Are Not Your Customer. Short Term … Read more