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Having more than twenty-five years of experience in radio advertising teaches you a thing or two. Our founder shares his knowledge about what makes a good radio commercial, how to write good radio copy, using podcast advertising to your advantage, and other topics that affect the world of radio advertising.

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Professionals Skip the Clichés

Don’t do it. You don’t need clichés, especially in advertising copy. They are lazy. “For all your toe shoe needs,” “sale ends soon,” “the tent is up, the prices are down.” Ick. We don’t need a study to know audiences mentally tune out at these trite idiocies, we tune out ourselves. Where’s the inspiration? Where’s the motivation? Why are we wasting resources creating this waste of time?

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How to Hire the Right Voice Talent

How to Hire the Right Voice Talent (This is the text of the video. ) I’m Neil Holmes from Voice Creative, welcome to How

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How to Target Ads

How to Target Ads Traditional ads and social media are a scattershot approach to advertising. Pay per click means new clients have to be actively

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