Making Bad Email Good

In the last two weeks I have received 513 unsolicited emails. 513 in 2 weeks. That’s almost 37 unsolicited emails a day. I know

Proper Mic Technique

I’ve been thinking about microphone position for years. I see singers and voice actors behind the mic and can’t help think to myself –

Overcoming the White Page

The white page. A blank screen and flashing cursor. A slam upside the head sometimes seems like the best way to get the copy

Motivation – in a few words

Just a quote that moves me today. I hope you’ll let it rattle you, inspire you, motivate you. From Carlos Azcoitia when he was

Selling Ice to an Eskimo

Friend of mine, a terrific seller, told me he could sell ice to an Eskimo. All I thought was “Why would you want to

Are You Asking Relatable Questions?

I have an addiction. That’s the first step toward healing, right, admit you have an addiction? I have an addiction. It was made plain

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