Proper Mic Technique

I’ve been thinking about microphone position for years. I see singers and voice actors behind the mic and can’t help think to myself –

Overcoming the White Page

The white page. A blank screen and flashing cursor. A slam upside the head sometimes seems like the best way to get the copy

Motivation – in a few words

Just a quote that moves me today. I hope you’ll let it rattle you, inspire you, motivate you. From Carlos Azcoitia when he was

Selling Ice to an Eskimo

Friend of mine, a terrific seller, told me he could sell ice to an Eskimo. All I thought was “Why would you want to

Are You Asking Relatable Questions?

I have an addiction. That’s the first step toward healing, right, admit you have an addiction? I have an addiction. It was made plain

Professionals Skip the Clichés

Don’t do it. You don’t need clichés, especially in advertising copy. They are lazy. “For all your toe shoe needs,” “sale ends soon,” “the