Stand Apart. Be Bold. Be Rewarded.

Stand Apart. Be Bold. Be Rewarded. Ever pay sticker price for a car? Of course not. Over time the auto dealers have taught us to wait for a “tent sale”, a “President’s Day sale”, a “Bottom Line Blowout sale”. Just like the big chain department stores have been doing – Macy’s big sale Saturday with … Read more

Writing Copy? Start with This

Writing Copy? Start with This You should not give the client what they want, you should give them what they need. Your client needs a blog post, a landing page, a commercial, or podcast that delivers results. Craft copy focused on the reader/listener/viewer, not an advertiser’s ego trip stuffed with sale items, their social media … Read more

Getting Past “No Budget”

Getting Past “No Budget” “No Budget” is an excuse. Humans don’t like hurting other peoples feelings. Would it be easier if they came out and said “I don’t think you can help me”? Sure. But you can get past the “No Budget” objection. First: remember a budget is only a guideline of expected expenses versus expected … Read more

Messenger Killed Again

Messenger Killed Again A while back a larger car rental company’s CEO said this about why they stopped advertising: “We did see a lift in awareness — we measured it before and after — but that didn’t convert into membership.” Wait, what? You stopped advertising ‘cause it worked like it was supposed to? Obviously the … Read more

Proper Mic Technique

Proper Mic Technique I’ve been thinking about microphone position for years. I see singers and voice actors behind the mic and can’t help think to myself – who told them to talk directly into a microphone? The Takeaway In short, if you take nothing else from this, take this: Never talk INTO a microphone, always … Read more

Professionals Skip the Clichés

Professionals Skip the Clichés Don’t do it. You don’t need clichés, especially in advertising copy. They are lazy. “For all your toe shoe needs,” “sale ends soon,” “the tent is up, the prices are down.” Ick. We don’t need a study to know audiences mentally tune out at these trite idiocies, we tune out ourselves. … Read more