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Finding Local Customers

How far do you travel for groceries? For a mechanic? For daycare? You probably take advantage of the stores and services in your neighborhood or on the way to work. So if you’re running a business, would you expect someone on the other side of town to come to your store? If your shop is in a big city or out in the country far from the big city, ads on broadcast radio and TV spread your message across hundreds of miles, to people too far away.

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The solution? Advertise in streaming audio on Spotify, Pandora, and podcasts, with ad placement and production services like Zipvertising from Voice Creative. Metaphorically, radio and TV broadcasting is like scattering your ad dollars to the wind while ads on streaming audio are planting your ad dollars in fertile soil. With geo-fencing (targeting to a specific zip code or area), you can put your message just in your zip code or neighboring zip codes. You can also do this with direct mail, but with streaming audio, listeners hear your message more than once at no additional cost, and actually listen to your message all the way through. That’s because they’ve invested in listening to their favorite podcasts or the music lists they have built.

Other than geo-fencing and multiple impressions (times a person hears your message), there’s another cost effective benefit to advertising via streaming audio: targeting just people who want what you’re selling, not wasting money on the people who don’t. Let’s assume you have a store on Main Street selling baby clothes and baby furniture. If you’re an auto mechanic, a pharmacist, a museum curator, a lawyer – are you going to shop this store for baby clothes? Only if you’re a new parent or grandparent. With Zipvertising you can talk just to new parents and grandparents and not to people who have no interest in your store.

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So reach targeted individuals in your local area (and just your area) with well crafted advertising on streaming audio. Voice Creative can help you do it yourself, or we can take care of everything for you with our streaming audio ad service: Zipvertising. Cost starts at $4500.00 for three months for retail clients, $2500.00 a month for political clients.

Ready to place your ads and grow your business, we’ll help. Clicking below on place an order will take you to a form. Answer a few questions about your business and we’ll get started on writing your advertising copy. Clicking on schedule an appointment will take you to our online scheduling tool. Pick a time that’s convenient for you to talk to someone from Voice Creative on Zoom or on the phone. Still not convinced advertising on music streaming or podcasts is effective? Click case study to learn how Motel 6 proved it.