Getting Past “No Budget”

Getting Past "No Budget"

“No Budget” is an excuse. Humans don’t like hurting other peoples feelings. Would it be easier if they came out and said “I don’t think you can help me”? Sure. But you can get past the “No Budget” objection.

First: remember a budget is only a guideline of expected expenses versus expected revenues, as assigned to specific item categories (electric, salary, advertising, postage, insurance etc.).

While it is a document written with sweat and toil, it is not a document written in blood. A budget is living, breathing, and most important: flexible. So…

Second: If your prospect is telling you they have spent their budget for advertising (or whatever you’d like them to buy from you), what they are really telling you is that you have not convinced them of the value of your opportunity. They have not seen the payoff of their investment.

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses do not have a ‘budget’, but go with their gut. And if you could deliver 10 paying clients for every ad run, your prospect would find the money. So…


Be a partner, be a resource for solutions. Turn the conversation from money to your faith in your product and a creative, relatable campaign of results.

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