Radio ads vs. Music Streaming ad

Traditional Advertising vs. Digital Audio Advertising

Radio or TV advertising

When you advertise on radio or tv you’re advertising to that stations entire audience.

Music Streaming advertising

When you advertise on music streaming services, such as Spotify, Pandora, or Podcasts, you advertise to a specific person.

Advertise to Your customer

Are your customers exclusively women?

Maybe you have a business that sells women’s clothing. When you advertise on a music streaming service you can have your commercial play to just women.

Do your customers come from one zip code?

Maybe your business is a restaurant. The majority of your customers come from the zip code where your restaurants is located. With music streaming advertising you can advertise to people who live in that zip code. With radio and television advertising you’d be advertising to every zip code in the city where that radio or t.v. station is located – that’s more than 18,000 square miles.

How can music streaming target just your customer?

When listeners sign up for music streaming services they give the company information about themselves – the billing address, the gender, their age, etc.

As people use the service, the service learns about what that person likes – songs, music genre and yes, even products and services. The service then offers more of what that person likes.

Advertising on Spotify and Pandora allow you to target your customers with the information you know about them.