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Welcome to Modern advertising. We call it Zipvertising,

No fuss - no skip - radio advertising

Do you want your prospect to miss your ad? Probably not.

Everyone deletes emails unread, misses Social Media posts, skips search ads. But listening to streaming audio, like Spotify, Pandora, podcasts, and local radio stations’ online streams, your local target prospect cannot skip your ad. 

Today’s modern advertising, Zipvertising, uses computer analytics to find your customer, sorting through thousands of people in your area by their needs, wants, likes, and dislikes; then passively and repeatedly serves your radio commercial up to just your target prospect.

Quick question: How long have you listened online today? I’ll guess about 4.5 hours. That’s the average listen time, four and a half hours a day.

That’s 4.5 hours a day your prospect is engaged and cannot skip your audio ad.

Don’t have a radio commercial? Don’t worry. Voice Creative has the experts to write, voice, and produce your radio commercial, and get you known by the locals that would buy from you if they knew about you.

Ads run up to 30 seconds based on the parameters you give and run only in the radius you want. So everyone who meets your criteria in the area you choose hears the ad multiple times, because that’s what’s needed to be remembered.

All this, plus multiple banners and retargeting and more from $1200.00/month or less*.

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What you get when you advertise with Zipvertising by Voice Creative

Zip Code Advertising


A Radio Commercial


Three Banners


Ad Placement

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Some Graphic Design Samples

Up to three different sized banners plus one radio commercial* and ad placement on popular streaming services.

Voice Creative Web Banner
Store Up Self Storage Web Banner
Ask Ms PR web banner

* the audio commercial includes custom radio copy, commercial voice over actors and audio production

Play Video

Full custom commercial service, with banner creation, voice-overs, audio-engineering, scheduling and retargeting, and more for $1200.00, $2500.00, $3500.00, $5000.00, $7500.00 a month or more for a minimum of three months building your brand. The higher your investment, the more times your target audience will hear your message. It seems obvious, but the more times the better.

  • Rate Chopper: Save 25% with an annual agreement, save 10% with a 6-month agreement.*

We offer these discounts because increasingly improved results happen the longer you stay on.

*Discounts are not mandatory. Price is per targeted ad area and subject to level of service, length of agreement, and market conditions. Campaigns may occupy twice the calendar space of the agreement. ie a 3-month campaign may be executed over up to 6 months.