Ad Copy Examples

One client had a 500 percent increase in customers due to one of our radio ad scripts

Radio Ad Script Examples

Yes, it’s true almost everyone can write, but how many of us can become the next Stephen King? It doesn’t matter what you do or when you do it, repetition helps you get better. We’ve lost count of how many successful audio ads we’ve written professionally, but we know that number is more than 10,000.

We believe communication is best done person to person. We do not write or voice any project by AI. Buying decisions are based on emotion; copy and voice should be, too.

We’ve had clients literally do a happy dance and cry tears of joy after using our ad copywriting service. That thrills us. Below you’ll find several of our radio ad script examples. If you’d like us to write one for you click the place an order button below and answer a few questions about your business.

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Naturally, you wonder about cost, and naturally, we’d like to give you the lowest cost possible. That cost is usually between $30.00 to $500.00 per broadcast length script. Yeah, conditions apply.

Copy Writing

Party Store

(sfx: helium intake by human)

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium, teasing) Hey Allison.

Allison: (hoping they don’t get caught) Ethan, you know you’re not supposed to do that with helium.

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) Its just some fun, its what we do at Bo Dollar – FUN! you try it

Allison: We’re selling fun, great deals on balloons and all types of party decorations,

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) I know, eighty percent of what Bo Dollar sells is less (in bg: helium intake by human) than four bucks.

Allison: (Voice altered by helium) You got it! In fact, the only thing high about Bo Dollar…

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) is our voices.. (shared laughter).

Announcer: Bo Dollar has everything you need to plan a party.

Allison: (voice altered by helium) Whoa, you gotta get with the program (sfx human intake helium)

Announcer: (voice altered by helium) Everything for your party, mostly four bucks or less at Bo Dollar, Laval and Saint-Eustache.


Annc 1: Everyone tells you “travel safe”. What they really mean is “ride with Big Bus Tours”. That way you see the sights, but don’t have the challenges of driving an unknown city. Ride up top in more than twenty cities around the world, ride Big Bus Tours. Book now at Big Bus Tour dot com.

Annc 2: Ever try to go on a tour while having to drive? You’re in a new city, you don’t know where you’re going, and you’re trying to “see the sights”. Nah, leave the driving to Big Bus Tours, grab a seat up top and enjoy more than twenty cities around the globe. Plan now at Big Bus Tours dot com.

Golf Course

Sultry female, slight Scottish accent.

Announcer: I entice you. After all, that is what I was designed for. Some call me energizing. Some call me tantalizing. I’m provocative and soul-stirring. My geography rises and falls. My curves and rising mounds tempt and trap, they seem to go on forever. With every stroke I’m smooth and cunning, passionate and exhilarating. I am the diversion you cannot pass up. Won’t you come drive your ball and play in my rough? Satisfaction complete only after we’ve played a round and shared a meal. I am the Ranches Golf Course, a seventy four hundred yard eighteen hole championship Scottish styles course. I am The Ranches Golf Club in Eagle Mountain. Near everything, away from it all. Definitely worth the drive. Online at The Ranches Golf Club dot com, or call 789-81 hundred. Hear me, call me, play me, I am the Ranches Golf Club, 789-81 hundred


Annc: To grab your attention we could play city sounds, like blaring car horns, shouting, buses. But you hear, and smell that, all that all the time. How about this: (sfx: tranquil stream, birds, etc :03) Only an hour away, the peaceful oasis of Crystal Springs Resort. About two thousand city blocks of rolling farmlands, golf, swimming, dining, – an acclaimed spa just waiting to give you the

Couple relaxing: Aaaahhhh.

Annc: For catering, weddings, and just to get away. Your rejuvenation awaits at Crystal Golf Resort dot com. Crystal Golf Resort dot com.

Grocery Delivery

Female 1: (positive) You know what’s fresh? Just picked. You know what Fresh Direct delivers to you? Yeah, the name says it all. Fresh Direct. (dismissive) Forget the time you save, forget the convenience, forget ALL the other benefits, and focus on Fresh! (positive) Fresh Direct dot com.

Female 2: You know what’s fresh? Not his unwanted advance, no, Fresh Direct is fresh, the name says it all. Fresh Direct. (dismissive) Forget the time you save, forget the convenience, forget ALL the other benefits, and focus on Fresh! (positive) Fresh Direct dot com. Pick your groceries and get them fresh delivered, from Fresh Direct dot com.

Window Blinds

Sfx: water dripping from a just extinguished fire, police radios, debris being shifted all in background. Quick responses, slightly overlapping. 

Officer: (soothing voice) Ma’am, just tell me what happened …

Woman: (Very shaken) It was all so sudden. Hal and I were sitting here watching the TV, and (screams next word, officer jumps, crash in background) BAM! A rock comes through the window.

Officer: Where’s this rock now?

Woman: I suppose it’s behind the couch – it broke the window but didn’t get past my wood blinds (with pride) aren’t they lovely. They’re Graber blinds from the House of Blinds.

Officer: (patronizing) Graber Blinds you say?

Woman: (bragging / gossiping) From the House of Blinds. I find House of Blinds is value and durability – I mean these (sfx: shaking/rattling blinds. Maybe knocking on them) stopped a rock.

Officer: (redirecting) And how did the fire start?

Woman: (sheepishly) I suppose, in the commotion, I knocked the scented candle from the coffee table, the rug went in a flash, and Hal took off screaming like a child.

Officer: (startled) excuse me?

Woman: When his shirt caught fire…Then I tackled him. Stop, drop and roll you know.

Officer: (exasperated) Yes Ma’am. Stop, drop and roll.

Annc: Rebuilding, remodeling or redecorating, choose the value and durability of Graber blinds and pleated shades, with colors to match any décor, all at ninety days same as cash from House of Blinds – in Draper at a hundred twenty second and Factory Outlet Drive, and in Salt Lake on the corner of Twenty-four hundred South and State Street, or call toll free 800-444-65-55 for the House of Blinds.

Military Recruitment

Female Annc: (heartfelt, caring) Meet 5 year old Jesse. Jesse needs a hero, a warrior. Not full time, just when things get really tough. Jesse needs someone, some people, actually, to help in crisis, to be ready to serve. Warriors of every color, every gender, every walk of life. Warriors willing to give a bit back, to serve their country, and make it home for their kid’s softball game. So here’s the question, are you the warrior Jesse needs? Visit your local Army Reserve recruiter and be more than you imagined you can be – a warrior. For your local recruiter visit Go Army dot com.

Movie Theater

Annc: You’d like to get out, maybe see a new movie, but (sfx anchor) You’ve got a baby. And your friends (sfx: anchors) all have infants and toddlers. Pacific Theatres says “Problem Solved”! Introducing Monday Morning Mommy Movies. Select Pacific Theatre locations offer newly released films Monday Mornings at eleven for parents with infants. So grab your phone and make a play date for your kids, and yourself, with Monday Morning Mommy Movies. Details, and buy one get another half off online at Pacific Theatres dot com. Pacific T-H-E-A-T-R-E-S dot com.


Child: (sfx: front door bursts open, vfx: yells) Mom!

Mother: (indulging) Home from school, and with such excitement. Oh, today was field trip day, to the…

Child: (interupts, excited) Mooseum.

Mother: (calmly, but thrilled at her child’s excitement) Yes, the Montana State Museum

Child: We got to play with a whole bunch of stuff, it was way cool!

Annc: Featuring over five hundred artifacts, eight hundred photographs, and more than forty five individual multimedia exhibits, the Montana State Museum reveals the profound relationship between this land and its people over time. And right now, kids five and under get in free! Bring the family and explore Montana at the Montana State Museum, Helena.


Male Annc: You CAN get the audiobooks you love, without monthly limits or subscriptions. Use Chirp, a free audiobook service that brings you amazing limited-time deals on popular audiobooks, including New York Times bestsellers. At Chirp Books dot com you get daily deals on hundreds of books, plus great values on the bestsellers you love, without being locked into a monthly commitment or dealing with a credit system. With Chirp, you buy only what you want – and the audiobooks are yours to keep. Spend less, listen more, visit Chirp Books dot com.


Annc: (female) Daniel calls himself a coffee snob.

Daniel: (proudly) That I am.

Annc: (female) He’ll spend hours roasting his own beans, getting the water temperature just perfect…

Daniel: (explaining) a single degree off and I can taste the difference. (sfx sips coffee)

Annc: (female) But coffee aficionados like Daniel can’t always roast and brew their own

Daniel: sad, but true

Annc: (female) Coffee aficionados get the perfect cup online, at Rainbow Coffees dot com

Daniel: Rainbow Coffee is pure joy – they roast beans from Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya and more. (with admiration) Artisans.

Annc: (female) Sip pure joy, order Rainbow Coffee today online at Rainbow Coffees dot com. Free trade and transparent, Rainbow Coffees dot com.


Annc: Sarah and Josh, married just a couple years, are planning their first real vacation since their honeymoon. (Music up/under – building frustration) Josh has spent hours online, searching prices, destinations, agents. He’s a bit frustrated with the process. (music transition to comfort and ease) Sarah went to Ob Free dot com, where all that research, and weeks and weeks more, has been done for her. Though the Ob Free app, Sarah booked a trip in minutes. No worries. Sarah just taught Josh the most seamless way to travel, with trips designed from hundreds of hours of research, are booked in moments at Ob Free dot com. O B F R E E dot com