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Get local customers now with professional ads for Spotify, Podcasts, Pandora and more

Motel 6 helps prove streaming audio advertising works!

Motel 6 streaming advertising case study. Cartoon man flipping wall switch to turn on light.

Odds are you’re familiar with Motel 6’s “we’ll leave the light on” advertising campaign. It’s been around for more than 30 years. Recently, Motel 6 decided to give streaming audio advertising a try.

Using the same type of ad they’ve traditionally run, Motel 6 reported a 2,000 percent return on their investment!* Yes, you read that right¬† – a two thousand percent return on investment in the first month of ads on streaming audio, and the only thing that changed was where Motel 6 was advertising.

Your typical customer can help maximize your advertising budget.

You know your typical customer. You know their income level, what section of town they live in, whether they tend to be male or female, and even what they’re enthusiastic about — their wine, their pet, their plants, their cars, etc. Voice Creative will show you how to use that knowledge to minimize your advertising expenses and maximize your advertising budget.¬†

The way we consume entertainment has changed...
so has the advertising.

digital media has the capability to learn, which can help your advertising budget. cartoon women extracting data from a cell phone

Do you think your typical customer exactly matches the listening audience of a single streaming service, radio station or podcast? Or is it more likely that they’re mixed in with other people who have different interests? People who aren’t interested in your product or service?

Years ago the only way to advertise was to pick a radio or tv station and hope that their audience matched your customer base. That meant a lot of wasted advertising dollars.

Not anymore. Now business owners can pick their customers.

How is this possible? We all know digital devices can be trained. We want more of what we like so we skip songs and “like” posts to help it learn. That information also helps services to play messages the listener is more likely to be interested in.

People often ask us where the commercial will be played and when? The answer is your message plays online wherever your customer is listening, whenever you chose to advertise.

You see an average of 10,000 banner ads per day

According to Forbes magazine, the average Internet user sees 10,000 banner ads per day. So how do you stand out from the crowd? By using audio advertising conceptualized by Voice Creative.

We tend to listen more to the human voice, especially one that is delivering an emotional message. When you advertise on streaming platforms using Voice Creative, we’ll provide you with a banner ad that will appear on the screen at the same time the audio ad is being heard.

The banner ad is provided as a convenience to your potential customer. All they have to do is click on the image and they’re taken to your website or landing page. Also, when they navigate away from the streaming platform to other places online, your banner ad will continue to appear to remind them of you.

How to make your banner ad stand out. Two cartoon men holding a banner.

Why advertise on Spotify, Podcasts, Pandora and online radio streams?

Getting your business in the spotlight using streaming advertising. cartoon man in spotlight
  • By being able to exclusively target YOUR customer you don’t waste advertising dollars.
  • Your advertising reaches more of your customers by being heard where most people listen to music and podcasts today*.
  • Your business stays top of mind with your customer, making it the first one your customer thinks of when they are ready to buy.
  • Being able to make a unique offer by using the clickable banner that displays at the same time your audio ad is being heard. One click to move them into your sales funnel.
  • Building your email list for your drip campaigns.
* according to a recent Sirius XM study

Why choose Voice Creative?

Professional commercial scriptwriters, voice actors and audio producers help make your advertising campaign successful.

We’ve all heard stories of how some of our best athletes were obsessed with the sport they play from a very young age. This reinforces the idea that experience matters a great deal.

The people at Voice Creative have been spellbound by audio since they were kids and have been creating successful audio advertising for more than thirty years. We’ve helped a cookie bouquet business in Roanoke, VA grow 500%, we doubled the annual attendance for an event at a mall in St. Cloud, MN, and we’ve grown client incomes with time-tested emotional appeal. We see your prospects. We’d like to connect you to them with your story. Let’s make that happen!