Why Radio Advertising is More Effective

Research studies from Dentsu, one of the world’s largest media agencies, show that in attention and brand recall, audio messages out perform online and broadcast video, 128% stronger than TV.

Radio is the only unique human experience. I mean unique to each individual. No other form of advertising, from social media to pay-per-click, outdoor or direct mail, TV or print, no other form of advertising can use the power of the human voice’s subtlety and presence to create a unique real life connection with each individual that hears an ad.

The How

Using audio’s theater of the mind, each listener builds their own memorable image using the sounds and description in the message. The closest real life equivalent is a book. I’m sure you’ve read a book, then seen the movie. Most people will tell you the book was better. Here’s why: when you saw the movie, you saw the directors view of the story, not the one you saw in your mind when you read the book. That doesn’t make either vision right or wrong, just individual and personal for each reader, or in our case, listener. Its that vision that develops in each listeners mind that make the radio commercial more relevant and memorable, because each listener makes it their own, with their own unique vision from the words and sounds. This applies to traditional over-the-air radio commercials, and those in streaming music and podcasts.

When You “See” It…

So we encourage you to continually invest in the theater of the mind crafted by audio to aid in trust and recall to build your brand, and build your business.