You are Not your Customer

You are Not your Customer

Are you a Trucker? A Dentist? An Ad Pro?

Why pay someone else to create your advertising? The most obvious reason is you have your business to run. The most important reason, though, is you are not your customer.

Whoa, a powerful truth: You Are Not Your Customer.

Short Term Approach

There’s an old technique to get a new client to buy advertising or web content.

Write the first commercial, create the first article or post so it is all about the client, their friends, family, daily life. The idea is that they are so taken with how the content reflects their life, habits, circle of friends; that they have to show it to their colleagues at work, the friends they meet after work, their family at home – so that finally they are compelled to buy it and ‘make it live”.

Does that work? Yep. But it is counter-productive in the long run.

What’s Successful

Copy and content must be relatable to be successful, but this technique of making the commercial or post solely about the business owner (or ad decision-maker) is a short-term solution. Why? See the headline above. The business owner is not their business customer.

Successful commercials, blogs, articles, etc. must be about the customers for that business, not the owner of the business or the owner’s idea of who their customers are.


The biggest obstacle between wildly successful advertising the what passes for advertising today? Owners who think their customers are like them.

You are not your customer, so step back, let the advertising get creative, and bask in the results that mean you do more business.