Let's Talk Zipvertising

Buying decisions are personal and emotional. Create a desire or show a need, and each of us will find a way to justify any purchase.  But having a relatable and motivating ad is only half the challenge. People must hear your ad. 

With Zipvertising you get the emotional power of the human voice and digital audio advertising geo targeted by zip code, backed with the visual power of a banner ad that takes prospects right to your space on the web. 

From about three cents per exposure, Zipvertising is designed to economically build your customer base; to reach the people in a small targeted area of your city or county, to reach your neighbors who want to know about you and to buy from you.

Sample Audio and Banners

How Zipvertising Works

Zipvertising works while your prospects are online browsing social media, reading email, shopping, researching. That’s why the audio is the key to grab their attention and turn it to you. We’ll create an appealing, emotional radio advertisement that gets heard. That digital audio will run on streaming services that may include your local radio station’s streams, online streaming services, podcasts and more. Zipvertising puts you in their ear when your neighborhood customers are online.

But to keep your costs down we micro-target to the demographics in the zip-codes where you want to grow your business.

This targeting* ability is part of what makes Zipvertising so economical. You reach your neighbors most ready to buy for pennies an impression. In addition to the audio ad is a clickable banner, direct access to your business so new customers can learn more, sign up, make an appointment… buy from you.

Plus, your banner will appear on other Internet sites over the following few days, re-targeting those already familiar with your brand.

How we're cost effective

Zipvertising is all about reaching your new customers by hyper-focusing by zip-code and from more than 100 demographic options, like: age, employment status, job type, education level, hobbies, interests, lifestyle; even music and podcast preference. Then reaching prospects over and over in the most cost effective way. With Zipvertising …

  • … your cost per impression (unique and repeated) averages between 3 and 10 cents.
  • … you don’t need to outbid your competition for clicks or placement. (search engines, social media)
  • … you’re expanding your business base, building your contact list. (e-mail marketing)
  • … ads play and display when while your potential customers are online so your ad is not lost in an endless info stream (social media)
  • … is targeted by zip-code so don’t pay for the signal spillage, like the over-reach of broadcast (radio and TV).
  • … provides the repeated exposure required to become top-of-mind in a single campaign, something direct mail can’t deliver (a post card, envelope or flyers).
  • … provides one click interaction you won’t get with Out of Home (billboards and mobile).


The aim of Zipvertising is reaching the people you need to build your business. Maybe that’s new parents, college students in dorms, new homeowners, art lovers, car enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, farmers; those who are married, or single, employed or self employed or looking for work, those who work from home, or an office. 

Zipvertising targets by interest, status, music and podcast preferences and more.  We target where you want to build your business, rural or urban, students to retirees, and everything in between.

In short, the targetability of Zipvertising can be a quick path to building your business.