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Frozen Yogurt

(woman, talking while devouring a frozen yogurt shake through a straw. Quick, excited.)

(slurp) you guys have to try Peppermint Stick. It’s a frozen yogurt shake.

Yesterday I had the Mango Sunrise sorbet and October it was the frozen pumpkin shakes from Heavenly Frozen Yogurt. (slurp)

Mm yeah, they have traditional frozen yogurt in all sorts of flavors, even egg nog and apple pie, with all the toppings.

Guys, forget flowers, when you want back in her good graces – Bring her heaven by the cone, cup or shake. Pick up frozen yogurt from Heavenly Frozen Yogurt, on McLaine in Silverton next to Papa Murphys. (slurp, VO fades)

Man this is amazing.


Annc: (slight attitude)You got gutters need cleanin’?

Beau: (friendly, easy to work with) I’m Beau, I can help with that.

Annc: You got yard and tree work?

Beau: I’m Beau, I’ll help.

Annc: You got a garage that needs way more attention than you wanna give?

Beau: Just call me at 871-92-16

Annc: For Christmas lights that won’t hang themselves…

Beau: I’ll help!

Annc: For junk, demolition and haulin’ crap to the dump…

Beau: 871-92-16(music change, classical)

Annc: (a bit more stylish) Do you have an event to set up?

Beau: Call me, 871-92-16(Music back to rock bed)

Annc: You got stuff you want done? You call

Beau Smith: 503-871-92-16.(Music bed sting)

Hot Sauce

This is a public notice.

We at Monkey Spit hot sauces, specifically our lawyers, would like you to know we are not responsible for the spontaneous combustion of gift baskets, holiday stockings or wrapping paper.

When you purchase Monkey Spit hot sauce to give for the holidays you buy the heat of the amazing Serrano and habanero hot sauces, and the risk of spontaneous combustion decorations, even your evergreen tree, is entirely assumed by you, the tasteful and adventurous Monkey Spit lover.

It is well known that Monkey Spit hot sauces, including the award winning Monkey Mob barbecue sauce, new Atomic Mob and Monkey Dust original Gorilla and Atomic Monk add amazing flavor to food, and our favorite flavors for holiday giving.

And just in time for holiday get-together’s and gift giving – brand new jalapeno Serrano jelly.

So get the monkey in your fridge and on your table.

Now we’re not responsible for scorch rings on your table either.

Go to Monkey Spit Hot Sauce.com to find locations near you, or to order all of our hot sauces online.

Spice up your holidays with Monkey Spit hot sauces.