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Cartoon Man listening to music.

Music Streaming Ads

Many streaming services are “self-serve” – meaning you need to write the script and decide who is going to read and produce it.

Voice Creative can take care of all of that. We’ll write a professional script, cast and record the voiceover, then produce and schedule your ad for superior results.

Podcast Ads

Be heard on more than 7500 podcasts.

Podcast listeners can’t wait for the next episode, they are dedicated and ready for you.

Voice Creative will make sure your ad is heard by people who are interested in your product or service.

Cartoon man making video

Video Voice Overs

Does your company have videos on your website or YouTube channel? Give them a polished sound.

Take advantage of Voice Creative’s more than 60 voice actors. All of our voice talent have worked in radio, animation, video games, or television.

Cartoon man utilizing a crane to place the d in brand next to the other letters

Ad Placement

Not interested in paying to advertise your suburban restaurant to the entire city of Chicago? Pay less, advertise in just the zip code where your restaurant is located.

Want to advertise to just nurses, homeowners, new parents, or other specialties? It can be done with digital audio advertising.

Meet Our Voice Actors

Ad Copy Samples

Party Store

(sfx: helium intake by human)

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium, teasing) Hey Allison.

Allison: (hoping they don’t get caught) Ethan, you know you’re not supposed to do that with helium.

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) Its just some fun, its what we do at Bo Dollar – FUN! you try it

Allison: We’re selling fun, great deals on balloons and all types of party decorations,

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) I know, eighty percent of what Bo Dollar sells is less (in bg: helium intake by human) than four bucks.

Allison: (Voice altered by helium) You got it! In fact, the only thing high about Bo Dollar…

Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) is our voices.. (shared laughter).

Announcer: Bo Dollar has everything you need to plan a party.

Allison: (voice altered by helium) Whoa, you gotta get with the program (sfx human intake helium)

Announcer: (voice altered by helium) Everything for your party, mostly four bucks or less at Bo Dollar, Laval and Saint-Eustache.


Annc 1: Everyone tells you “travel safe”. What they really mean is “ride with Big Bus Tours”. That way you see the sights, but don’t have the challenges of driving an unknown city. Ride up top in more than twenty cities around the world, ride Big Bus Tours. Book now at Big Bus Tour dot com.

Annc 2: Ever try to go on a tour while having to drive? You’re in a new city, you don’t know where you’re going, and you’re trying to “see the sights”. Nah, leave the driving to Big Bus Tours, grab a seat up top and enjoy more than twenty cities around the globe. Plan now at Big Bus Tours dot com.

Golf Course

Sultry female, slight Scottish accent.

Announcer: I entice you. After all, that is what I was designed for. Some call me energizing. Some call me tantalizing. I’m provocative and soul-stirring. My geography rises and falls. My curves and rising mounds tempt and trap, they seem to go on forever. With every stroke I’m smooth and cunning, passionate and exhilarating. I am the diversion you cannot pass up. Won’t you come drive your ball and play in my rough? Satisfaction complete only after we’ve played a round and shared a meal. I am the Ranches Golf Course, a seventy four hundred yard eighteen hole championship Scottish styles course. I am The Ranches Golf Club in Eagle Mountain. Near everything, away from it all. Definitely worth the drive. Online at The Ranches Golf Club dot com, or call 789-81 hundred. Hear me, call me, play me, I am the Ranches Golf Club, 789-81 hundred

About Voice Creative

About Neil Holmes and Voice Creative. A cartoon man looking at himself in the mirror.

Voice Creative has its roots in radio. Many of our voice talent have been on the radio as disc jockeys. The remaining talent work in the animation and video game industries.

Voice Creative opened in 1996 with the idea of helping radio stations. We didn’t like the idea that the advertisers weren’t being heard because the disc jockeys of the radio stations were voicing the commercials. Voice Creative stepped up and started providing voice variety, helping each advertiser stand apart. We also started writing the ad copy with emotion and relatability. Not only did client renewals rise, but the copywriting allowed the station account executives more time to build relationships and sell air time.

Google Reviews

Robyn Sekula
Robyn SekulaPresbyterian Church USA Foundation
Read More
What a terrific experience! From the moment I reached out to them from the time I had files in hand was less than 24 hours. It was affordable, on time, and under budget. We'll definitely use Voice Creative again!
Amanda Smith
Amanda SmithKSLM
Read More
Neil at Voice Creative has been a life saver for our radio station!! The turn around time is VERY fast with AMAZING communication! One of my clients was so happy with her ad, she cried tears of joy and is now going to advertise her other business as well... but only if Neil writes her ad again 🙂 We are BEYOND thankful to have Voice Creative as apart of our team!
Ken LindseyAuthor
Read More
Neil was an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. Voice Creative took my novels and produced top-notch audiobooks-- and they did it quickly. Would recommend a thousand times over!
Peter Heald
Peter HealdSidekick Media
Read More
Neil was quick to respond and helped me get the right voice over for the job.

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