Picture a child on a swing

Our Vision

What color is the child’s hair? How long is it? What type of swing are they using? Where are they located?

When we asked you to picture a child on a swing an image popped in your head – an image that is unique to you. We like that! And we believe that’s the power of audio advertising! By providing your own images you develop a more personal connection to the product or service that is being offered.

We believe advertising is all about people and the connections they make. Theater of the mind is how we get there. We love connecting people who are passionate about their brand with individuals who truly appreciate the effort and artistry that runs through the entrepreneur’s veins.

Our Solution

Create an online radio advertising agency. Help radio stations, video production agencies, television station creative departments and business owners. Work with people who appreciate innovative storytelling that focuses on how a business is different from its competition and what that business does to improve its customers’ lives.

Learn about the advertiser’s business

Discern who they help

Highlight their excellence

Help them reach their goals fast

Maintain their high standards

Free up their time

Award-winning radio advertising

One of our radio ads had customers coming through the door of the advertising business singing a song we created for a character in their ad. The advertiser ended up having to hire more employees because their business increased 500% during the time period the radio campaign we created aired.

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We’re Champions of Radio

Our founder is passionate about radio, podcasts, music streaming and all things audio. He’s been fascinated by sound since he was a child. Maybe it’s because his parents worked in broadcasting and advertising, too? Who knows? But take it from us – he’s obsessed with sound.

Professional Voice Talent

Everyone on our roster has worked professionally in radio or animation. Many of our people have worked in large radio markets like Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle just to name a few.

Years of experience

We can hardly believe it but Voice Creative has been crafting innovative ads for radio stations, video production agencies, television stations and business owners for almost thirty years! And before that our founder worked in radio as a production director.

Fast Results

If you order a service between 9:00 AM Monday and 5:00 PM Friday you’ll have it back for approval within 36 business hours. This is for a single service. If you order more than one service (example: you want us to write, voice and produce your audio commercial) you will have it back within 72 hours. Time waiting for answers to questions or approval from the person ordering the service do not count toward the turnaround time hours nor do U.S. Federal holidays.

Great Support

If we make a mistake we own it. We’ll correct it free and fast. The only times there will be an extra charge are 1) If the copy has been approved by the person who ordered it and has already been voiced by the time a change is requested. 2) If the production order missed details of elements that had to be included.

Voice Variety

We believe voice variety is one of the keys to a radio ad getting noticed. We all tend to tune things out once in awhile. If you’re listening to an air personality who also voiced several of the commercials that are running on their radio station, it’s understandable that it would all start to blend together.


You can place a production order on VoiceCreative.com 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. The turnaround time hours will start at 9:00 AM the first business day following your order.

What our clients say

I work with a lot of voice over artists, and I have to say the team at Voice Creative is excellent. Every one of the artists that I’ve worked with has read the scripts exactly how I heard them in my head when I wrote them!

Travis Buck


Neil was quick to respond and helped me get the right voice over for the job

Peter Heald

Sidekick Media

What a terrific experience! From the moment I reached out to them from the time I had files in hand was less than 24 hours. It was affordable, on time, and under budget. We’ll definitely use Voice Creative again!

Robin Sekula

Public Relations Consultant